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Start New Journal Screen:

Dream Digest Start New Journal Screen

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

In this screen, you can make a new dream journal entry.

1. Journal Date – Note down the day of the dream in the MM/DD/YYYY format

2. Journal Name – Give a name for your Dream Journal Entry.

3. Delete Journal – This deletes entries that you do not want to keep any longer.

4. Save / Update – This allows you to save / update your dream journal entry.

5. Cancel – Choose this when you want to deactivate the journal entry.

6. Print – This prints your dream journal.

7. Dream Description – Write your dream in this box.

8. Analyze This Dream - Click on this option to let the software analyze your dream. 

9. Back To Main – Click on this option to go back to the My Dream Digest Screen.

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