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My Dream Digest Screen:

My Dream Digest Screen

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

1. Update Dream Dictionary – Use this option to download and update your existing Dream Dictionary. Download the update file and select the *.mdd file from the dropdown menu. Then click on Open. Once the file is opened click on Import to add the new keywords and their descriptions to the database. Click on Cancel if you do want to add the words.

2. Dream Dictionary Database – This option can be used when you want to access the vast Dream Dictionary and add/ modify or delete dream symbol meanings and their interpretation.

3. Start New Journal – Maintain your own and personalized dream journal by selecting this option.

4. Arrange by Name / Arrange by Date – This allows you to arrange the archived dream journal entries either alphabetically or by date of entry.

5. My Dreams – The left part of the screen has an archive of all dream journal entries that you may have made and helps you navigate through them.

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